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How Cuckoo Workout got started

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It all started in 2014

Veera Lehmonen was doing an internship with her colleague Ida Mänty. There they noticed that they were sitting still the whole day, which worried these young active women. Thus, they decided to set an alarm every day at noon and do 100 jumping jacks when the alarm rang. People at the office showed interest towards Veera’s and Ida’s activity, and soon joined them every day. The office was filled with laughter and smiles, and everyone felt refreshed after jumping around. After this Veera and Ida wanted to move employees around the globe, and this is when Cuckoo got started!


CTO Mika Niinistö joined Cuckoo in 2016.  He’s the wizard behind the Cuckoo app and the new features of Cuckoo. Familiar face from the videos Linda Kuula, started as a model, but soon joined the team as a full time employee. She has worked in different roles and currently works as the COO. Currently, Cuckoo employs 12 people.

Cuckoo in 2020

The Finnish occupational health published a research about Cuckoo and its benefits on employees at Nokia in 2018. Cuckoo Workout was rewarded with Finland’s young innovative companies funding, that helps Cuckoo to take over the world.

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