Cuckoo Workout®

The break exercise app that gets even the passive ones moving

Why take a break

Cuckoo Workout® is always at hand

Take a break to exercise, wherever you are: at work, working from home, on a business trips, wherever. You have access to a browser-based service that opens on a new tab, as well as a brand new, easy-to-use mobile application. You can take a break whenever it suits you!

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Exercises designed by a physiotherapist

Cuckoo Workout includes more than 400 videos with exercises designed by a physiotherapist. There are nine categories to choose from, such as posture, brain challenges, lower back, neck-shoulder region and mindfulness. Each video contains three exercises and takes about 2-3 minutes.

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Mindfulness as a part of stress control and recovery

Mindfulness is the most researched from of meditation. It is proven to improve recovery, reduce stress and help our memory, creativeness and learning.

In addition to the active breaks Cuckoo Workout offers variety of Mindfulness breaks, that are easy to do at work or at home.

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Cuckoo rewards you

In order to make something into a habit, it requires an emotional change. Therefore, Cuckoo has a competitive edge where we reward active users with our amazing prizes. There are monthly raffles that our users can participate by taking breaks actively. In addition, companies can have activity competitions where Cuckoo provides the winners with motivational prizes.

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Micro webinars from different experts

Cuckoo’s specialists include: Hanna Partanen, Leeni Peltonen, Camilla Tuominen, Emma Sandström, Tomi Kaukinen, Ulrika Björkstam and Markus Pöyhönen. Inside the Cuckoo app you can find tips and motivational guides from these professionals or you can buy their lectures from us.

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Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app

The motivational key features of the Cuckoo Workout® app

encourage to get moving

Extensive video library

More than 400 exercise videos.

Player profiles

Check your own performance and merits. You can also challenge other players.


The game board allows you to monitor your own progress and that of colleagues.

The challenge system

Challenge colleagues or other Cuckoo users to compete with you. Find out who really has what it takes to change their physical fitness habits.


You also score points for taking the stairs, walking or cycling to work and for drinking water. Small changes contribute to sustainable lifestyle improvements!

Performance log

Brings colleagues together and enables competition

The Cuckoo Workout® application is available for Android and iOS!