AAC Global’s HR manager returned to work from their parental leave and was delighted to find out that AAC had started using Cuckoo, thereby increasing the amount of breaks and physical activity in the working day. “Cuckoo breaks have a beneficial effect on a person’s physical and mental well-being – and the breaks have been realised in a fun, yet professional fashion. It might be a challenge to take a break in the middle of a busy day, but it really does pay off. After a short exercise break, your mind is more alert and you have blood circulating in your muscles,” says Jaana.

We would also like to introduce you to Jukka, an accounting specialist from AAC Global, who is an active Cuckoo user and, without being biased, one of our favorite users. Here is the reason why:

“Hi!  I´m Jukka and I work as an accounting specialist at AAC Global. I joined the company in 2000 and I think I can say that I know what daily work at the office entails. I know how heavy a head needs to be borne by your shoulders. I was Cuckoo’d from the very first moment onwards.

I was recovering from a bad spinal cord injury (FCI) and was used to physiotherapy, which helped me understand the importance of stretching this one and only body we have.  When I returned to work, my colleagues introduced me to Cuckoo, something they were already actively using.  In my eyes it was not strange at all. It was FUN! It’s a useful workout break during the work and something I could have done with a lot earlier than now –  a PERFECT hit.

 I started to share my days with Cuckoo in February 2018 and have used it daily. All the movements are nice and manageable, but still challenging.  “Smile favorites” are company videos, where Cuckoo’d employees share their joy with others.

 Very important for me are the mindfulness breaks.  Thanks to Cuckoo, busy office workers have been introduced to this ancient and versatile way of managing stress. I use these daily. It’s all about listening to one’s own mind and body. 

 There are times we do Cuckoo moments together with colleagues, but mostly we do them individually. Cuckoo is also a part of our induction training.  Our summer workers have participated enthusiastically and hopefully the workout will be a part of their office routine also in the future. They had their own workout sessions with Cuckoo, but they also followed longer ones picked from YouTube.

 We do not have that many teams or ongoing challenges at the moment at AAC Global.  We certainly keep our eyes on who is doing what, and there is an in-built interest to follow our colleagues in Sweden!

 For my colleagues and I, Cuckoo has become a daily friend.  Sometimes our clients may be amazed by all these active and smiling people at the office. Just the other day we had a visitor from France.  I asked him to join our Cuckoo break.  He was not ready to join but told his wife about his Finnish “Workout colleagues”.  His wife got interested and asked us for the link for the free trial!

 I really appreciate our employer AAC Global giving us this great opportunity to take care of our minds and bodies.” -Jukka

We also had the pleasure of chatting with Hanna from Sweden, who is an active Cuckoo user at AAC Global’s Kista office.

“In the beginning, it felt strange to do exercises in the office, but after a while I got used to it and now, I just do them and my colleagues are used to seeing me having breaks a couple times a day.” 

Although they work in different offices and don’t really know each other, she agrees that it is nice to see how active her Finnish colleagues are. A while ago they even had a competition Finland vs. Sweden. These kinds of competitions motivate also those users, who might not actively use Cuckoo otherwise. However, it seems that Hanna is the biggest advocate and motivator for exercise breaks in Sweden’s office.

“Hanna acts as the Cuckoo reminder for everyone. And of course you can always also see how your team is doing compared to the other teams in the company.”

Cuckoo was renewed this summer, and Hanna likes the new videos and thinks there are many good and useful exercises. Sometimes doing breaks can be beneficial, not just for your health but also for the prizes; just a few weeks ago Hanna won one of our mini races!

In addition to exercise breaks, AAC’s employees also have a passion for languages.  For this reason, they wanted their colleagues specialising in proofreading to use their expertise to review these Finnish and English texts. 

AAC Global is one of the leading providers of global B2B learning and translation services in the Nordic countries. AAC Global is a part of the Acolad Group, Europe’s leading professional translation provider.  AAC has offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.