When most of the employees at Lindström started working remotely, the company realized there was a great need to support their well-being under the special circumstances. Cuckoo Workout came to the rescue and the break exercise app got a warm welcome! Lindström employees call Cuckoo the energy boost of remote work days.

Lindström is one of Europe’s leading textile service companies with 170 years of experience in the textile industry. They offer a wide range of textile services ranging from workwear, protective equipment, mats, restaurant and hotel textiles to industrial mats and towels. Dedicated employees are one of the keys to company’s success. Lindström has a strong will to create a working environment with a respectful and positive atmosphere that makes success possible.

Break exercise app to help communality and well-being

“In the spring, when our staff that works in offices switched to remote work, we started to think of ways to support their well-being and coping”, say recruitment specialist Camilla Hanganpää and Head of HR Sami Laine. Even though most of the employees had already previously done some remote work, a switch to full remote work was a big change. That’s why the company decided to try out Cuckoo Workout and see how the employees feel about it.

“In addition we were also concerned about communality now that we don’t see each other every day. Communality is really important to us and Cuckoo Workout seemed to answer to these concerns as well”, Hanganpää and Laine continue. At the core of Lindström’s operations is We Care -culture that puts emphasis on caring for each other and treating everyone with respect. This culture of appreciation and caring is important, because it comes across to the customers too.

Energy boost for mental and physical well-being

One of Lindström’s employees who fell in love with Cuckoo immediately is Kristiina Tiilikainen. She has worked for the company for over a decade and had already dreamed of a break exercise app like Cuckoo: “We have previously been active too and done break exercise together on our well-being theme days, but this type of daily break exercise had been missing. It was a very positive surprise when I heard we get a break exercise program!”

A tool that reminds and guides to take breaks from work and sitting has been especially useful now that remote work has increased.

“In remote work you don’t walk up to the printer or to ask something from your colleague. Previously I’ve been eager to go to get breaks from sitting, but now that hasn’t been a possibility”, Tiilikainen explains.

For her the absence of riding a bike to work has been another big change that Cuckoo has helped to tackle. “We’ve been delighted to hear that Cuckoo has inspired many of our employees to create new active routines, besides break exercise. Some have for example started to take a quick walk outside before the work day or go out to get some fresh air during lunch time”, Hanganpää and Laine describe. Tiilikainen who is in charge of Lindström’s work clothes category immediately fell for Cuckoo. Positive impacts on her own well-being have inspired her to keep Cuckooing.

“Both the break workout sessions and mindfulness exercises energize me mentally. I strongly believe that without Cuckoo’s workouts my body would feel much more stiff too. It feels like I’ve been more energetic in my free time too, since I started using Cuckoo”, she says.

Sometimes during a stressful an busy days there’s no time to take a break. On those days Tiilikainen takes a mindfulness moment at Cuckoo as she wraps up her work day: “It helps me calm down an separate the work day and my free time.”

Results of user experience survey: even the skeptical got excited!

At Lindström the use of Cuckoo kicked off with a fun and friendly activity competition what motivated many employees to try Cuckoo out. After a few months of Cuckoo use the company set up a user experience survey for their employees. The results are wonderful to hear!

“Our survey results say that Cuckoo was received extremely well at Lindström. 98 % of users would recommend Cuckoo to their co-worker and 96 % of those who answered felt that Cuckoo had been beneficial to them. We have heard many thanks and wonderful comments from our employees!” recruitment specialist Hanganpää and Head of HR Laine state. Many users have experienced that taking breaks with Cuckoo has improved their coping and relieved headaches and pain in neck and shoulders.

“Even people who originally had been a bit skeptical about Cuckoo, realized after trying it that breaks really do refresh your mind and body during work days. Users have said that break exercise is an energy booster at work. And some teams have regular break workout moments together during Teams-meetings”, HR team continues.

What a great start to Cuckooing! Even more Lindström employees will surely be inspired to start enjoying the benefits of Cuckoo Workout. Tiilikainen has enocouraged her co-workers too. “I’ve praised Cuckoo to every one of my co-workers”, she laughs, “It’s impossible to name one favorite thing about Cuckoo. So if I must choose I have to say my favorite thing is the versatility!”

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