Cuckoo is said to be creating team spirit and improving communality. In many organizations you can actually see colleagues creating Cuckoo-teams that they do breaks with. One of these is Akun NAPA from Tieto Oyj. They are the most active team at Tieto but also one of the most active teams in Cuckoo all in all.

Tieto started using Cuckoo Workout in August 2018, it was taken in as a replacement to break session, as they were difficult to schedule for everyone. Now Cuckoo is a routine and they do breaks at least few times a day. Most of the time breaks are done together, at least, when it comes to Akun NAPAs team. Doing breaks together motivates and encourages everyone to do active choices during the day.

“As we work in an open office, we only need the notification or someone asking to do a break, and soon we’re doing a break together. We also encourage each other to take the stairs when we go for lunch.” -Aija

In addition to breaks, Akun NAPA’s gang remembers to take care of their wellbeing by exercising on their free time, drinking enough water, eating snacks and changing working positions. Nikolas says, that he aims to move whenever he has the chance. For example, instead of calling to a colleague on a different department, he will walk to them. Breaks do play an important role in all this, they have helped with shoulder pains, increased mobility and when you feel your energy is low, doing a break will give you a good boost.

They also agreed, that Cuckoo is very important on the days when you work away from the office. When working at home, you often forget to change position and you don’t move away from the table as often as you would in an office, so it is very important to take breaks while working at home, says Nikolas.

“The need for movement comes regularly throughout the day and doing breaks increases body and mind’s virality” -Nikolas

Although the main motivator with breaks is your own health, the competitions and challenges give you an extra boost. Akun NAPA won the activity competition at Tieto, which was no surprise, as before the competition it was agreed that they will commit to the competition and doing breaks regularly. After the competition, they stayed active, although maybe not so fanatically ;)

Akun NAPA’s team is also familiar with our challenges. Sometimes they even dare to challenge the Cuckoo team, which activates us in the office as well, since we don’t take competition slightly and are not very good losers.

“We do challenges quite often and they do motivate you to do breaks more actively. Often, I send challenges to a bunch of people at the same time. It is also fun that you can challenge the Cuckoo team and they actively participate.” -Nikolas

Cuckoo users from Tieto have also been actively involved with Cuckoo’s development, and for example, participated in our user test night, when we were about to release the updated version of Cuckoo. In addition, they actively share their thoughts in our chat, which we appreciate because we always aim to improve and make the software better for our users. So, free feel to write us in the chat if you have some improvements or any other crazy ideas, and we will try to execute them the best way we can!