Saranen Consulting got the opportunity to get Cuckoo Workout through Barona, which had already had Cuckoo for a while. At Saranen sports and exercising are close to their heart and they like to stay active. So, as you can guess, Cuckoo was a perfect match for them. 

Saranen Consulting helps businesses and individuals in their growth. They offer efficient services in rapid growth or transformation situations.

”The fact that you get to challenge and compete against your colleagues, works for us perfectly. And we love the competitions!” -Kirsi Havu, Team Manager

Employees at Saranen have started using Cuckoo actively, and they even renewed their offices, so now they have a space for cuckoo breaks. Now, they get to do breaks together from a big screen!

”We have an open office, where we do the breaks together. Rarely you see someone doing them alone, because you always ask someone to join or if you see someone doing a break you join them” – Julia Karlsson, Project Coordinator

Cuckoo unites people at Saranen and they enjoy doing breaks together. They motivate each other to move and with Cuckoo they get to have fun together during the day.

”Regularly, you see people jump up and do breaks and if you notice that a colleague is missing and haven’t been doing breaks for a while, you go ask them to join and encourage them to take breaks again. Now we even have a place where we can do breaks together. Sometimes its good when you get to brag about having a break and then it motivates the other one to move too” -Kirsi

Employees at Saranen have recognised the benefits you get from doing breaks during the day. They also think it gives a nice flow and rhythm for the day. They say their shoulders aren’t so sore anymore and headaches have decreased.   ”But most of all it is fun to do it together”, says Kaarina Päivinen, Marketing Manager. According to Kirsi, Cuckoo gives real benefits for work productivity, because people stay more alert through out the day.  

”Cuckoo brings energy and laughter to the day. You can clearly see, when you have forgotten to do breaks, because you are more tired and have the tendency to get headaches”  -Ulla Simonen, Specialist

”You get energy when you get up and start moving. You won’t fall asleep on your desk and you don’t get headaches that easily” – Julia 

Favourite Cuckoo videos at Saranen are obviously the ones Markus is on. They also enjoy the ones  that stretches  glutes, as well as back and shoulder ones. 

”We have a proper Markus fanclub over here and Cuckoo has become a phenomenon. Even when we get new employees they get excited about Cuckoo. We make sure that everyone who wants to use Cuckoo gets to join and knows how it works. I only see that Cuckoo brings positive things for us. It’s cool to see, how this brings people together, and it is entertaining and nice to see people having breaks. All in all Cuckoo is so much fun!  -Kirsi

You can also detect some competitiveness going on at Saranen. Saara Heikkinen eagerly told us that she is in the lead in their company and already at level 202, and others commented that this is a good motivator for them. In addition, they said that since they mainly do breaks together it is not slightly forgotten nor forgiven if someone forgets to tag friends to that break ;).