Newsec was measuring employee well being and the need for break exercising came up.  They decided to go with Cuckoo, as it offered an easy and fun way to move employees at different offices. We interviewed active Cuckoo users Tarja Kela, Laura Vuori, Niina Karhunen and their wellbeing manager Heidi Lehtinen.

Newsec provides full service real estate business solutions for investors, owners, and anyone letting business premises. Our comprehensive property advisory service supports our clients in real estate transactions, leasing, real estate appraisals and various real estate specialist services, such as creating strategies for business premises and properties, managing business premises and space planning. Our Property Asset Management division provides expertise in real estate financial administration, and in managing properties and real estate assets.

Newsec started using Cuckoo Workout June 2019 and has been using it daily ever since. Some of them do their breaks when Cuckoo the bird calls, and some of them does breaks when it best suits them. However, everyone has the time to do them on a daily basis, says  Laura and Tarja. Niina told us that she organizes team breaks few times a day. Also, Heidi said that doing a Cuckoo break is a good way to start a meeting and you see more and more people doing breaks together around the office. She has been positively surprised to see, that eve people who didn’t think would join have been seen to do their breaks. 

People at Newsec are hooked for collecting coconuts and Niina says it has become sort of an obsession, and the goal is to get 100 coconuts each day. Other have collected 100 even before lunch. 

”Often before 12, I have already collected all 100 coconuts” -Tarja Kela, Accounting Assistant

Although Cuckoo hasn’t been at Newsec for long, they have already witnessed the positive influence of it around the office. 

”You can really feel when the  blood circulation gets better, and you forget about the job for a minute, after which you return to it with a fresh mind” -Tarja Kela, Accounting Assistant

According to Heidi Lehtinen Cuckoo brings a positive buzz to the office, which accommodates their work culture and values. It improves their work well being and prevents musculoskeletal disorders.

The most popular moves around Newsec are the ones for back and shoulders, as they often hurt the most when working in an office. Also, they enjoy  the balance videos, and can already see improvement, according to Niina.

Heidi thinks, that Cuckoo is a good benefit for distance work, as it gives an easy way to keep up the energy at home, for example, by doing a Mindfulness video. 

”I have really enjoyed Cuckoo, and I think this is awesome. It feels like a small thing, but it is so important. This has really taken me with it, Cuckoo is better than red wine!” -Tarja Kela, Accounting Assistant

Newsec, you got Cuckoo’d ;)