Even as an adult it is refreshing to have some fun at work and spice up the work day routines with different activities. Therefore, in order to improve work well-being, many organizations have already involved break exercising into their community,

We interviewed three active Cuckoo users from Tamro. Mira Salonen, Marjo Heinonen and Miia Sundquist told us how Cuckoo has improved their work days.

“ I do Cuckoo breaks three times a day, as well as the activities, such as working standing and drinking water. Even though I would do these anyways, it gives you extra boost when you get coconut points for doing them” – Mira Salonen

Mira considers, that collecting coconut points is a good motivator alongside with taking care of your own health. Mira is one of the most active Cuckoo users at Tamro, and her colleagues have also noticed this. When she visits another office, her colleagues greet her by saying “Hey the Cuckoo master is in the house”. She believes, that a little competitive set of mind improves Cuckoo activity and motivates to do more breaks and activities. Thus, Mira works as a good example and challenger for other users, although it would be hard to beat her anymore.

Besides the game effect, Cuckoo’s effect is visible with overall well-being. ” My work is very static, so taking breaks improves my well-being. My neck isn’t as sore, and my mind stays sharp!” -Mira.

Rantalainen työhyvinvointi

“I use Cuckoo every day at work, sometimes also on my free time. Exercising is very important to me, and activities really encourage you to move also during the workday” -Says Marjo Heinonen.

Marjo believes, that the feeling you get after having a break is the best motivator and it gives a nice breather for the day. Cuckoo doesn’t only help with the physical well-being, but also improves the mental side.

“For you mental well-being Cuckoo has a positive influence. For the physical side, the breaks are more than needed, especially if you have been working out the day before. It really helps with the soreness!” -Marjo

Also, Miia Sundquist agrees, that Cuckoo has improved her work well-being and this motivates her to use it on a daily basis. Even though, you mostly do the breaks alone, other Cuckoo users encourage and motivate each other!

Employees have a great impact on themselves as well as on each other. When you feel good and energetic you also transform that energy to others. This improves the work community and encourages others to take care of themselves.

Mira and Marjo think that it would be beneficial to have breaks in meetings and have them at conference rooms, because doing breaks together would make it easier for others to becomes as active as they are.

“All in all, Cuckoo is absolutely great, and you cannot live without it. Now all we need is to get others do the breaks as actively as us (This shall be our goal)”.

All companies should have a summer goal: Always start your meeting by doing a break together!