Friendly competition motivates the employees of HOAS and Espoon Asunnot to commit to active break exercising. And at the same time competing as teams boosts communality and relieves neck and shoulder pains!

Both Espoon Asunnot and HOAS are companies who offer housing for people in the capital region of Finland. In addition to working in the same field, the companies have more in common too: both companies take their employees’ well-being seriously! That’s why both HOAS and Espoon Asunnot have been active Cuckoo Workout users for a long time. This spring the companies decided to inspire their employees to take refreshing breaks even more by starting a Cuckoo activity competition.

The competition is on both between the two companies and between the teams of each company. HOAS and Espoon Asunnot race to see which company is more active in taking micro breaks and making active choices. The teams compete to see which team in the company takes the win. Winning teams of both companies will get an awesome prize. However, the prize is determined based on the results of the competition between the entire companies!

Friendly competition that boosts team spirit has been especially necessary now that more employees than ever are working remotely:

“Now that we don’t see our co-workers as much, taking micro breaks together is a great way to boost communality. Competing in teams is a fun way to boost co-operation and teamwork”, says Johanna Rantala from Espoon Asunnot.

Both companies entered the race with excitement and aiming for the win! Cuckoo’s gamified features are a great motivator for taking breaks, but additional competition has increased employee’s motivation to take care of work well-being even more:

“This additional competition increases the motivation and helps to keep the importance of breaks in mind”, one Cuckoo user from HOAS says. The employees of both companies have been cheering for their co-workers and regularly inviting everyone to join in on the breaks.

More activity, less pain

Both HOAS and Espoon Asunnot have noticed the benefits of break exercise. Employees are now experiencing less pain and tension in the neck and shoulder area. “Employees who use Cuckoo actively have reported less pain and tension in their necks and shoulders. Cuckoo’s benefits are greater than ever now, that we work remotely more than ever”, Espoon Asunnot team says.

“Taking Cuckoo breaks really does work and helps your mind and body feel refreshed in the middle of all the sitting. The break videos guide me to move those parts of my body that otherwise stay still during the work day… and you wouldn’t take stretching and active breaks on your own if we didn’t have Cuckoo”, a user from HOAS continues.

It remains to be seen which company will win the activity competition. One thing is already clear: everyone taking part in the competition is already a winner. Investing in break exercise really pays off!

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