“ I had long hoped for a break exercising for work, so Cuckoo Workout was a dream come true! The best thing about the service is the ability to set the reminders according to your own schedule”, says an enthusiastic Cuckoo user from Lumene.  Lumene started using Cuckoo Workout- break exercise app in November 2018. Therefore, Lumene has already witnessed Cuckoos positive influence for the work atmosphere and physical wellbeing.

Lumene is a Finnish innovative beauty and wellness multi-talent. Lumene develops, produces, markets and sells high quality skin and haircare products. Their inspiration derives from the Nordic women beauty and skin wellbeing.

Lumene begin to use Cuckoo first and foremost because they wanted to create a playful culture to the working environment. They wanted to decrease the seriousness from the atmosphere and remind the employees, that they can have fun at work.  Cuckoo has supported this goal, and the communication between colleagues has improved. For example, comments such as:” Oh you’re doing that break, we did it yesterday” demonstrates the increased playful interaction at the work place. Cuckoo has been an icebreaker that has helped people to speak more, which has also enhanced work related communications.

“We wanted to limit the overly serious atmosphere, because it is important that employees enjoy being at work, as this also improves in better overall results. We wanted to increase small talk among employees, create communality and lighten the mood”, says Lumene’s HR manager Nina Ylitalo.

Cuckoo was the perfect solution for Lumene, because it doesn’t only offer physical health but also improves mental and social well being.  Results for the physical aspect came clear already in the beginning. Employees themselves mentioned that by using Cuckoo their neck and shoulder pains have been relieved. 

Rantalainen työhyvinvointi

So how to best use Cuckoo at your work place?

Here are 5 tips from Nina ylitalo (Lumen’s HR manager):

  1. Invest time and effort for the launch. We had a Health event, where Cuckoo Workout was launched, and with this it got great visibility and awareness from the beginning.
  2. Start with an activity competition. By having a competition you motivate your employees to start a new app, and doing breaks will become part of their daily routines.
  3. Work as an example. Take breaks with others and show the personnels, that it is okay to do something “silly”. Even at work we all have situations where we feel embarrassed, so it is good to learn that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.
  4. Link thing together. We will use Info-tv tips, that roll in the public space. We also have electric tables, so employees can change their working positions. In other word, support Cuckoo app, with these king of elements.
  5. Commit. We want Cuckoo to be a long-term solution for us and we will try to be active with developing new activities and procedures, that will keep the employees motivated.

“You’re never too busy to take few minutes for breaks”

-An employee at Lumene