As an employer Ilmarinen is making sure that their employees move also at work. They have a personal sports instructor, Elsi Luomi, who makes sure that others are taking care of their wellbeing and motivates them to move more. In addition, Ilmarinen started using Cuckoo Workout in 2018, because they wanted to make sure that all the employees have an equal opportunity for guided breaks no matter where and when they are at work.  Elsi told us, that they choose Cuckoo because of its versatility and competitive edge, and as it offers a great solution for those who often work from home.

“The videos are short, and everyone can find their own favorites. The mobile app is handy, as many of us move during work, and aren’t always on their computers. Mindfulness breaks are great when you are moving between places.” -Elsi

According to Elsi, Cuckoo saves time, especially hers. She used to do the breaks herself and sometimes she had to do it in nine different places during a day, which took hours. Furthermore, she believes that Cuckoo offers low barrier way of managing health and can be a bit addictive too. She says, that Cuckoo activity competitions brings a refreshing change to the everyday routines. Competitions add movement and breaks to the day, and the Cuckoo hype is at its peak during that month.

“ I used to do break exercising for our employees, but now they can do it themselves with Cuckoo when it best suits them” -Elsi

Employees at Ilmarinen do Cuckoo breaks alone as well as with colleagues. “ Some of the teams here have formed a nice Cuckoo buzz, and do breaks together. Often if someone is excited, others around will also get excited. “ Elsi hopes, that Cuckoo breaks will also be part of their meetings soon!

“The best thing about doing breaks together, is that it is enough that one person remembers that it is time for a break and grabs others for the break too” -Elsi

Ilmarinen actively reminds their employees about Cuckoo and has made it easy to find it, even if you are not registered yet. This has helped to form active users.  One of them is Jessica. She started using Cuckoo in September, when Ilmarinen was having an activity competition. After the competition she has continued using Cuckoo and aims to have at least one break per day with her colleague.  She says, that after doing a break you can feel the effect on your body and mind. Jessica thinks, that Cuckoo mobile app works as a good reminder and motivates her to do more breaks. She thinks Cuckoo offers good tips and guides, especially for stretching, and the best thing is that you can also do them at home. Competitions and prizes increase motivation to do breaks, she says.

Heidi and Christina are active Cuckoo users and also use it when they are not working at the office,  and when you easily forget to pay attention to your working position. They work as each other’s reminders and often have breaks with their team. All in all, they believe that doing Cuckoo breaks energizes and is fun to do. Also, competitions are fun and increase communality around the office, says Heidi and Christina.

In addition to the normal breaks, Elsi considers Mindfulness breaks important, because when you are busy and stressed it is important to take few minutes to take care of your mind and wellbeing. Therefore, around Ilmarinen’s office they also remind people to stop for a minute to take a Mindfulness break.

Although Cuckoo reminds and motivates employees to do active decisions, company’s own input is as valuable. Ilmarinen is a great example how the management can motivate their employees to take care of their wellbeing and stay active on Cuckoo!