Cuckoo Workout was launched at KONE Global Spares supply in August. After the launch activity competition started, which helps employees to get familiar with Cuckoo in a fun playful way. In the competition you form teams and compete against your colleagues. After the competition we got to talk to the winning team “GSS Winning team”.

“It was very motivating that Cuckoo came here to do the kick-off. They gave us good researched information, which helped us to realize the effects of having microbreaks. All in all, the launch gave nice added value and it was nice to meet the people at Cuckoo.”

We asked from them, what was the secret to their win, and they said it was the right attitude and motivating each other. “We named our team GSS Winning team from the beginning. We even had a WhatsApp group, where we motivated each other to be active even during the weekends.” They told us, that even being sick did not stop them from using Cuckoo, because then you did Mindfulness-breaks and collected coconuts that way.

Even though the competition is now over, they still believe that they will continue using Cuckoo actively, however, it’s not mandatory to get 100 points every day anymore. During the competition they noticed that they had more energy throughout the day. Also, they like that Cuckoo offers different categories, so for example, when you have pain in your shoulders it is easy to choose a video that will help you with that.

In addition, Cuckoo created a more open atmosphere for doing and having breaks. Now the barrier for having breaks is lower and no one looks at you funny, if you’re having a Cuckoo break at work. Some of the teams from the competition are still doing breaks together and sometimes they start meetings by having a Cuckoo break. KONE GSS felt that the competition increased communication and team spirit in the office, and of course it was fun! “The competition was a nice change for the daily routines. Cuckoo’s videos are a fun and have easy moves, and they short enough.”

Thanks to KONE GSS-team, KONE stayed as a number one in the leaderboard throughout the competition!