Service Union United PAM has used Cuckoo Workout for several years now. They struggled with musculoskeletal disorders that caused a lot of absences from work. This is why they decided to focus more on their workplace wellbeing, says Kimmo Nikula, Chief of HR. Kimmo says, that Cuckoo offered a great solution to decrease sitting. With Cuckoo employees remember to take breaks and move during the day, which improves their energy and productivity. Their employees have been very happy with the results.

Service Union United PAM is a trade union for people working in private service sectors. PAM has almost 210,000 members and 76% of them are women. The majority of PAM’s members work in retail trade, property services, security services as well as tourism, restaurant and leisure services. PAM negotiates collective agreements for service sectors and safeguards its members’ interests at workplaces.

PAM operates nationally, which is why they needed a solution that can be applied to all the offices from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Kimmo feels that Cuckoo’s great videos, games, energy and affordable prize offers a fun way to activate employees. Kimmo told us, that the best thing about Cuckoo is short, easy and fun videos and the competitiveness it creates around the office.

PAM is doing breaks together in their trainings, where they also include their members into the breaks. In addition, they take breaks together in their meetings, as taking a break helps everyone to concentrate afterwards. Doing breaks together improves communality and the atmosphere, says Kimmo. Cuckoo-breaks have been said to work as an icebreaker for different situations.

PAM has also used Cuckoo’s lectures. The last one they had was about ergonomics. Kimmo believes, that these lectures have been beneficial in their community. After the lecture, the employees have become active in different ways to improve their wellbeing. Also, they get even more active on Cuckoo!

In addition to the break exercise app, Cuckoo offers lectures held by different wellbeing professionals. You can choose from variety of topics, such as sleep, exercising, nutrition or mental wellbeing Like to know more? Read about it here or contact

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