Everyone knows what a successful company needs: enough economic resources and skilled workers. Resources can be discussed with the concept of capital. Economic capital enables the operation of the organization and cultural capital increases with employees’ increased know-how. But what about the third one – social capital?

Social capital can be created within individuals and communities. The strength of social relations, trust and the norms within a community intensify interaction and makes co-operation easier. With better communications the work-efficiency and the comfort of employees increases. An individual who enjoys their job and colleagues, feels better and healthier and is more profitable for the organization. Strong social capital therefore enables more efficient use of other resources.

Remember, that every company creates their own organizational culture and there is no right way to do that. Unity at work can mean many things, but an open and encouraging atmosphere is an important first step!

How to raise unity through Cuckoo Workout?

  1. Take a break together. Ask a colleague to join you – it doesn’t matter if you know them or not! During the break you can suddenly learn something new about a person and next time asking for their help is easier.
  2. Create a team and challenge. Gather a team and start competing against other teams. You can also create a Whatsapp-group together and cheer each other to be more active!
  3. Break your way into the top of the leaderboard. What would create better sense of unity than a victory together? Start being active with the whole community and race your way into the podium.
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