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Cuckoo Workout

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Break exercising anywhere and anytime!

Cuckoo Workout works on a browser and on a mobile app. 

You will find short 1-3 minute active breaks and Mindfulness exercises. 

Or start a 14-day free trial now.

Now commitment. No credit card information.

Fun and easy!

Free Trial
Free Trial

Excited Cuckoo-users

Mari Keränen
Business HR manager, LähiTapiola

"Having short breaks between work truly pays off! And you get to laugh while doing them"

Emma Ojala
Development manager, L&T

"Cuckoo has worked as a great reminder to us all to change position and it gets us moving more and with greater versatility”

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Jukka Holm
Managing director, Visma

"I accept the challenge and start playfully compete against my colleagues to see who is the most active on in our office while working as an example to others."