30th of March 2021
Cuckoo Workout is privileged to be the first Finnish company to support the wellbeing of remote workers through the popular Microsoft Teams application. The idea for the collaboration came from Microsoft’s global experience, and they decided to approach the Cuckoo Workout team. Cuckoo Workout encourages low-threshold physical activity and recognizes the challenges of remote work. As a new feature in Teams, Cuckoo Workout provides companies with data to follow their employees’ wellbeing. The amount of Cuckoo Workout users grew by 60 percent during the exceptional year of 2020. Now the aim is to go global in collaboration with Microsoft.

An enormous amount of Finnish office workers transferred to home offices in the beginning of 2020. Remote working has presented new challenges for employers. Wellbeing at work is increasingly left to the individual’s responsibility, which challenges employers in many ways: How do we support good work ergonomics? How do we motivate people to take breaks? How can we maintain a sense of community? As the sense of togetherness decreases, people become lonely, their motivation and productivity drops and their work seems less meaningful.

Cuckoo Workout is providing a solution for these challenges and is now available where many companies already are working, in Microsoft Teams. By being easily accessible and user-friendly, Cuckoo Workout becomes a part of each workday.

“We truly have to reach our users where they already are, and right now this means virtual work platforms. We are inspired by the possibilities this collaboration offers, as we now can reach and motivate more people to move, and do it when they need it the most”, says Veera Lehmonen, founder and CEO of Cuckoo Workout.

“The idea came from the Ignite event where we launched the integration with Headspace. That made us think about possible wellbeing solutions that could work in Teams. Cuckoo’s product and energetic team behind it convinced us completely”, says Inari Bergius, Partner Developer at Microsoft Finland.

“In addition to enhancing team spirit and physical activity for employees, the application provides companies with important information on how their employees are feeling: using the application gives valuable wellbeing data that can be tracked on an individual or organizational level”, says Veera Lehmonen.

Cuckoo Workout’s Veera Lehmonen sees this collaboration as an amazing opportunity to reach Teams users worldwide. Cuckoo Workout can be used in Finnish, Swedish and English, and already has users in 20 different countries.

Try the Cuckoo Workout Teams app for free: https://cuckooworkout.com/try-cuckoo-with-your-company/

In addition to adding physical activity during workdays, Cuckoo Workout is also a useful leadership tool. The service collects anonymous wellbeing data each time you take a break.

Additional information: 

Cuckoo Workout: 

CEO and founder, Veera Lehmonen, p. 044 992 3744 


Partnership Development Manager, Inari Bergius, p. 041 434 8413

Cuckoo Networks Oy, founded in 2014, is a growth company that reached a million euro turnover in the accounting period that ended in March 2021. The company has 15 employees and is based in Helsinki. Cuckoo Workout is a browser-based application that inspires users to add physical activity during a sedentary workday with guided 2-3 minute exercise and recovery videos on a gamelike platform. The application has around 27 000 users in 20 countries. www.cuckooworkout.com