Cybercom started using Cuckoo Workout as the Covid-19 affected spring was blooming and changing the way we work. Most of the personnel started working from home and Cybercom’s HR was concerned about the wellbeing of their employees. They decided to take Cuckoo Workout in use to brighten up the employees days and give them an easy way of taking breaks to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Since then Cybercom has been on top three most active companies during three dark fall weeks, competed against each other and noticed the amazing benefits that break exercise brings with it.

Cybercom’s internal activity competition was held in the fall and it boosted the communality of the work community in the darkest time of the year. One of the winners of the competition says that the prize, which was a Polar fitness watch, was the biggest motivator for collecting coconut points. The watch has been in active use since the win!

Winning felt amazing, because I usually never win in raffles. I had to check twice to see if it was really my name on the winners’ list.

Even if the competitions and the game-like set up of Cuckoo is inspiring for the employees at Cybercom, the biggest reason for using Cuckoo, they say, is the feeling that you get after taking a Cuckoo break. After an active break you feel energized, more efficient and pumped up, as long as you don’t forget that those few minutes that you devote to something else than work comes back ten-fold immediately after the break with the boosted efficiency and concentration.

It’s fun to notice how such a small physical activity can have such a boosting effect on body and mind, and work suddenly flows a lot easier.

When you’ve let your mind wander for a few minutes, your thinking becomes a lot more focused.

I’ve recommended Cuckoo to all my teammates.

The physical advantages of using Cuckoo have been extremely beneficial while working remotely. The employees at Cybercom pointed out that the day-to-day exercise and step count dropped dramatically when they stopped going to the office. The steps you took to talk to a colleague disappeared, no more going out for lunch and even the walk from the desk to the loo or the refrigerator became a lot shorter. Also the commute to and from work, which involved some walking or biking were left out of the daily routine. The employees at Cybercom noticed that they have to force themselves to move when working from home and come up with excuses just to get up from their chairs. The Covid restrictions also made it difficult to move in the spare time as many gyms closed, but many found their way to the running tracks because of this. Many noticed that the ergonomic settings at home weren’t the best, and many turned to height adjustable tables and special chairs. The people at Cybercom found the reminders from the Cuckoo-bird to be a delightful addition to their workday as it reminded them to get up and do an active break, giving their body physical activity and their mind well needed rest. And as we know, many small deeds have a big effect on the whole.

I have been surprised over how big an impact these short breaks can have, you don’t necessarily need a sweaty workout every day to get good exercise.

One of the employees at Cybercom also noticed that he benefits from using Cuckoo during his time off work and during the weekends when he studies. At school we have recess since studies have shown that breaks and especially physically active breaks are important for our learning process. This is true for whatever age we are in, so why do we stop taking “recess” when we become adults? We learn new things all the time while studying and working, so everyone would benefit from taking recess in their daily life.

Favorites and tips from Cybercom:

  • Break exercises from the category Neck and Shoulders

  • Going outdoors for your break

  • Changing working – try a few minutes in a deep squat, it’s good for your back.

  • After doing a break, do work standing for a while. The threshold to do work standing is a lot lower since you’re already standing up from your break

  • A yoga session after you’re done working helps you to relax and recover after your work day

The only issue that’s come up is that Cuckoo sometimes reminds the user of a break when he/she is in the middle of a meeting or right in the middle of an unfinished sentence, and when you’re done with what you were doing you forget to take the break.

But when you have a good moment and I happen to remember to take a break, then there is nothing stopping me from doing one.

Cuckoo breaks are easy and fun and surely everyone can find their favorites among them. We warmly recommend Cuckoo Workout to others who could use a friendly reminder to take breaks during their workday.