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The summer is almost here (yay!) and many companies have hired new employees for the summer or for the long term.

The adaptation process to a new work environment takes some time and especially during this – probably permanent – period when people are working mostly from their homes. Remote working in general can be slightly unmotivating and when you add a totally new work environment and job position to it, it can be challenging to really get into the new work community. That’s why it is even more important to take care of employees wellbeing, both newbies and experienced, during remote work.

Socially engaging new people is important when it comes to making them feel like a part of the work community. When they feel like they are a part of the community, they want to do their best in their job as well. Social engagement makes people more motivated and that way more efficient, so it really benefits both the employer and the employee.

As a new employee I can say that social interaction is very essential when it comes to integrating and engaging in a new position and environment.

At Cuckoo Workout, we have two “Cuckoo boosts” a day which are joint-breaks where we can catch up with each other while doing a short break exercise together, with our cameras on. So everyday we have the chance to meet up with our colleagues even during remote work, which is pretty cool if you ask me. On top of that we have “Cuckoo’s epic team lunch” once a week where we have a lunch break together, as we eat or take a walk outside.

As a social and extrovert person these occasions where I can interact casually with other people are very important in boosting my mood and motivation. Even though Cuckoo’s breaks are mostly exercises, the most important part of these breaks for me is the chance to interact with colleagues and loosen up for a moment.

Here are my tips to make new employees feel like a part of the team and to keep them motivated:

  • Have lunch together with cameras on at least once a week

  • Arrange one-to-one conversations between the new employee and their teammates where they can get to know each other

  • Have joint break exercises together at least once a day

So have a cup of coffee or a micro break together every once in a while with your whole team to really make the work community united and welcoming to new employees!

Do you want to try and orgazine joint break exercises with your team? Sign up by clicking on the link! 

Kind regards,

Elina, marketing trainee at Cuckoo Workout

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