The autumn is getting closer, more and more people are getting their vaccines and people are slowly heading back to offices. Even though the global pandemic is starting to step aside, some people still wish to continue working remotely.

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What we most definitely have learned from the pandemic is that remote working is doable in a large selection of jobs. People are unique and prefer different kinds of workspaces to be productive: some get motivated around people and others need a calm and silent environment to really focus. In a hybrid work model employees can choose the most suitable working option for them. Hybrid work enables employees to be more autonomous, productive and motivated since they are not forced to work in a space they are not at their best in.

When employees work from different locations, it is hard to arrange activities together and maintain the team spirit. Luckily, by having Cuckoo breaks together with the people online and at the office the communality within the work community increases. By turning the music off you can chat with your colleagues while doing a break exercise together. Cuckoo brightens up boring days when employees might feel alone. Sense of communality also increases when employees compete against each other and against other companies as they collect points from breaks and activities. This is an easy example of promoting team spirit and increasing a sense of purpose for employees.

Many superiors have found it difficult not meeting their employees live and not being able to keep up with employees’ well-being, even in the form of casual conversation. Cuckoo collects anonymous user wellbeing data so that HR can get new insight on how their employees are doing, especially when working remotely.

According to Accenture’s study “The future of work: A hybrid work model”, those who had a hybrid work model during COVID-19 had stronger work relationships and better mental health. In addition, they experienced less burnout than those who worked only remotely or only at the office.

Sounds pretty good, right?

A significant benefit of hybrid work is the flexibility and freedom of choice: if you prefer remote work or wish to work in the office, you can do so. And the most important benefit is that you can take Cuckoo breaks both at the office and at home!

There are many upsides in working at the office and remotely. We listed a few of them for you below:

Upsides on working at the office

  • Social interaction and lunch together

  • Cuckoo breaks together!

  • More focused (depending on the workspace)

      • less distractions, e.g household chores
  • Active commute makes you more productive and ready for the day (not to forget earned points in Cuckoo!)

  • Easier to communicate and do brainstorming

  • Easier to separate work and leisure time

Upsides on working remotely

  • More leisure and recovery time without commutes

  • Individual Cuckoo breaks or Cuckoo breaks together online

  • More focused (depending on the workspace)

      • Less interruptions
  • No need to choose office clothes

  • Working on the go

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Sources: Accenture 4/2021: The future of work study: A hybrid work model

Want to learn more about the best practices of hybrid work? Join our webinar on the 25th of August 2021. Read more and sign up here.