Increased vitality and top place at the Leader board chart has encouraged ESEs employees to be more active.

In May Cuckoo started energizing the days of ESEs employees, and they have started doing their breaks actively. Ever since their start they have been at the top of the leader board every Monday. Jarno Marttinen from ESE told us how Cuckoo has become a daily routine for them.

“Before we didn’t do any break exercising, but now with Cuckoo we do it 3-4 times per day, basically always when we are around our computers”. Says Jarno.

Also, the activities, such as active commute, are motivating for a more active day.

According to Jarno, they usually do the breaks on their own, however, sometimes at meetings they do a breaks together. Doing break together supports a positive work atmosphere and creates laughter and playfulness within the organization. This improves mental, physical and social well-being at work.

So, what motivates people at ESE to do their breaks? Simple, feeling refreshed and energized after the breaks, as well as doing well on the leader board.

” The best thing is that by doing only few minute breaks, you really feel more energized during the work day”. -Jarno.

ESE’s financial manager Sari Siiskonen also states that Cuckoo Workout is cleverly produced:

“As it feels like a game, it is easy to follow your own and your colleagues progress. This and the leader board are elements, that motivates the personnel to move more”

Cuckoo Workout has 250 different moves that are all designed by a physiotherapist. Cuckoo supports work well-being and ergonomics, and also encourages to do other active choice throughout the day. Research states, that it also effectively decreases musculoskeletal stress.

Also, people at ESE has witnessed this

“My neck and shoulder have felt much better since I started using Cuckoo”. – Jarno.

Also, Sari says that the feeling you get after doing a Cuckoo break, where your blood starts to flow, makes you addicted to breaks.

Have you tried yet? ;)