Have you been thinking about what to get as a Christmas present for the personnel at your company? Isn’t it tough to get something that suits everyone? Not all coworkers appreciate a vintage wine or sweets that we have enough of during Christmas anyway. Not everyone enjoys reading Swedish crime novels or the business book of the year. You might want to give a present which will give the receiver joy and be of use for a long time. Except, is there even any point in buying a gift as most of us are drowning in the amount of things we have as it is? Don’t worry – buying a present for your personnel is always a challenge but with a few simple rules it can turn into a real success!

How do I make a good decision on what to buy as a Christmas present for the personnel?

Many find this yearly decision frustrating; what should we get our coworkers for Christmas? From a company’s point of view there is certainly a wish to look desirable as an employer and come off as a company that cares about and appreciates its employees. Meanwhile, it’s important to consider this from a sustainable perspective and take into account the differences within the working community.

Especially after a crazy year like this one, when many employees have been working remotely and the feeling of communality and bond between coworkers might have weakened, it’s important to remember your employees and remind them that they contribute to a bigger whole and that that their role is seen and appreciated.

Many companies have also been forced to cancel their Christmas parties, which in some work communities is the highlight of the year. The Christmas party is often a chance to show appreciation and pamper the team with a beautiful party. This is also a chance for the employees to relax with coworkers and come closer on a personal level, simultaneously building a stronger communality.

While considering Chrstmas presents it is therefore good to take into consideration the weakening of the communality that many companies have experienced during this time of working from home and because of the lack of communal events.

There is always a risk that you buy a crappy gift especially if you are making your decision stressed and in a hurry. The stuff you find around the office – you know the pencils, shopping bags, notebooks with the company logo – are one of the no-no:s as most of your employees probably stare at these day in and day out at the office. You probably should avoid cheap “Made in Taiwan” stuff as well. If you stop and take a moment to consider what you would appreciate as a gift from your employer, you’re on the right track.

Would it be better to skip the Christmas present altogether? People have enough stuff as it is and companies are expected to take more responsibility and make more sustainable choices. Or does the decision just need a bit more contemplation?

  • Don’t get them cheap junk

  • Think sustainably

  • Consider the differences within your work force

  • What present would you appreciate from your employer?

  • How could a present contribute to a stronger communality at the workplace despite remote working?

  • How could the company also benefit from the present to the employees?

Take your time when deciding on what to get

Christmas is a yearly event, and yet it often sneaks up on you. Don’t let the Christmas preparations become a burden. If you are in charge of the Christmas present for the employees, then make a note in your calendar now for next year, and give yourself a deadline well before Christmas for when you have to have decided on and bought the gift. 

Without the stress and the tight timeline, you’ll make a better decision on what to get, and your money won’t be wasted.Luckily you still have time this year to make a good decision, and the good idea might be just around the corner!

But what if your work force contains people from all ends of the spectrum and it’s impossible to start buying personalized gifts for them all? One possibility is to let the employees choose in advance from for example three different options, but this will add to your own workload and the gift won’t be a surprise for the receiver. 

To find a gift that suits everyone at your company requires contemplation, but a good starting point is to consider what they all have in common. Nothing, you might think. Well, except for the place where they work, of course! If you can combine the joy of a Christmas present to the workplace and use it to strengthen the communality among your employees, you simultaneously give the company a huge benefit! However, here you should take into consideration the amount of remote working, which from here on out will probably get a lot more common, so that you don’t throw away your money on something expensive at the office if few people are there to enjoy it.

Why Cuckoo?

One way to remember your personnel is to give them a gift that supports their wellbeing, and at the same time lets the communality and togetherness among the employees thrive and grow stronger. The Cuckoo Workout -break exercise app is a gift that suits everyone and which even gives the company a financial edge. The Finnish Institution of Occupational Health did a study on the use of Cuckoo Workout and the results showed a positive effect on the users’ physical wellbeing, mental recovery, amount of daily movement and a reduced time sitting still.

The study also showed that the employees perceived a stronger communality and the culture at the workplace felt more relaxing, caring and trustworthy.

While using the break exercise app sick leave was reduced and the employees were more energetic and efficient, which contributed to a financial benefit for the company.

Cuckoo is also perfect for the remote worker. Ergonomics aren’t always the best when working from home but Cuckoo Workout reminds you to get up and do movements planned by a physical therapist, and encourages changing position and working standing up. Many also do breaks together which is easy despite the distances as we can share our screen through video meeting apps. The breaks also give a nice rhythm to your day, which can be difficult when work-time and free-time are spent in the same place.

Give your coworkers a gift that they can enjoy all year around! Give them a Chritmas present of:

  • more energetic workdays
  • better recovery
  • stronger communality
  • enhanced productivity

If you get Cuckoo before December you even get a ready advent calendar for all users. In our winter starting kit we also have short lectures on wellbeing and a activity competition to start the new year with a bang! Don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more!

And hey, remember that finding one good gift doesn’t necessarily rule out all other options. If you get Cuckoo as a Christmas present, you can get a box of chocolates or a good book as a physical gift for the employees to take home. 

Have a great end to this interesting year and good luck finding a good Christmas present!

Get in touch if you want to know more about Cuckoo!

Christmasy regards,

Emma and The Cuckoo Team

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