For most people, the long-awaited summer vacation weeks are starting to be over and it’s time to get back to work. Hopefully, work matters have faded out from active working memory – and rightly so – since you were on holiday.

However, returning to everyday life can even seem distressing at times. Luckily, the beginning of the autumn season brings a great chance to make necessary changes to your workweek routines. We’ve listed five tips to help you flourish in everyday life, even diring the gray days of November.

1. Choose a positive attitude

Your own thoughts have a lot of impact on your emotions, and through that on your longer-lasting mood, so it does matter what tone you’re talking to yourself. As you return back to work, consciously pay attention to the positive things that encourage you. Consider, for example, what successes you have experienced at work, nice co-workers you have met, or a challenging situation that you coped great with.

If you feel dull and upset for a longer period of time, talking to your local manager or occupational health professional, for example, can help you to get back on track.

2. Listen to your body

As the work begins, you should make choices that are right for you; if, for example, you get used to the new sleep rhythm slowly, you should get used to the earlier mornings a little before the end of the holiday. This will ensure the best performance for your body and mind for the fall.

You should also listen to other feelings of your body, and set limits for yourself: For instance, if the last episode on Netflix is tempting, and you know it’s an early morning next day, try to give your brain the sleep it needs. However, remember to be gracious to yourself and take necessary breaks.

3. Take time to plan

If your to-do list feels endless after your vacation, it’s a good idea to start with a bursting inbox. Emails are worth to be sorted by whether they are urgent, outdated, or require more planning to respond to.

Small changes make your everyday life smoother: If difficult tasks are left to knock in the background of your mind, try to do them first. Or, if constantly replying to emails seems to interrupt other unfinished tasks, make it a habit to read emails three times a day so you can focus on one thing at a time.

In addition to work, you should also mark leisure time in your calendar: If you don’t have time to do sports, mark yourself a 20-minute time window on your calendar and do Cuckoo’s home workout!

4. Recover properly

Total strain is the key word in recovery. Social relationships, rest, nutrition and exercise all affect recovery, and even when one of them is overloaded, full recovery is difficult. You can improve your recovery by doing things that best appeal for you  such as reading a favorite book or going on a forest trail hike.

Relaxation exercises are also an effective way to calm the mind. Mindfulness helps to be present in the moment and let go of distressing work issues. The brain recovers best from stress when sleeping, so it’s worth protecting your night’s sleep by avoiding the blue light from mobile devices at least a couple of hours before going to bed.

According to the research, Anne Punakallio from the Occupational Health Act says that taking a break is important for effective recovery during the working day: “Pausing increased the efficiency of employees’ recovery from work, increased their vigor, reduced musculoskeletal stress, pain symptoms, fatigue and forgetfulness,” says senior researcher Anne Punakallio from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. 

Person working at a DIY standing desk.

5. Refresh your daily life

Most of our lives are inevitably ordinary days, and that’s why it’s worth building up something nice for yourself in everyday life, as simple as it sounds. Try to modify each week with some activities that cause some variation to your weeks. Try having lunch at your favorite restaurant or arrange a brunch with your friends before the start of the day. Also, be sure to reward yourself from time to time the way you want!

Make the most of the seasonal weather by doing things you enjoy outdoors: For example, go to a park to have a group workout, try mushrooming in the autumn and by winter build a snow lantern that will lighten up your yard. Fresh air refreshes all year round!

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