We here at Cuckoo are very excited about our new collaboration with ELIXIA Online Training. Together with Cuckoo Workout and ELIXIA Online Training you allow your personnels to move anywhere at anytime.

Cuckoo Workout is there to ensure that employees move during office hours. It reminds, shows and motivates employees to activate their day even during the work day. This kind of movement is just as important than exercising happening outside of work. It reduces sick day leaves and problems caused by sitting. In addition, it increases productivity and communality in the office. This improves employer image and the workplace is considered more encouraging and supportive.

However, many employees also wish support from their employer regarding their free time exercising. Together with ELIXIA, Cuckoo Workout now offers also help with out of office physical activity. Through ELIXIA Online Training, employer can now offer its employees training and exercising for everyone, regardless where they live or work, or how experienced they are with exercising.

ELIXIA Online Training offers:
  • ELIXIA OT goes where you go. You can use it on your computer, tablet or phone.

  • You can train alone, with your family or with your colleagues

  • Over 40 classes designed by professionals

  • Best trainers

  • Classes in Finnish and English

  • Various categories and hardness levels

  • Short 2-5 minute break exercises that you can use during or after work

  • Unlimited use for the whole personnel

Still wondering how your company would benefit of offering both Cuckoo and ELIXIA Online Training? One of the key elements in Cuckoo is reminding people to move. Thus, we will encourage your employees to move both at work and outside of work. This will ensure more active and productive employees! Both softwares are easy to use and encourages especially those to move who might not know where to start alone. So, by offering both programs you will ensure overall wellbeing to your employees, with  a minimal effort!

Get Cuckoo Workout now for a Christmas present to your employees and you will also get ELIXIA Online training out of charge (Value 3588€)*

*Offer requires at least 100-license package with one year commitment and Kick off- package, 2500€.