Cuckoo <3 Selka – a match made in heaven!

Selka and Cuckoo realized they were a perfect match – both had a product with the aim of promoting wellbeing at the workplace, and a mission of helping people be more active and have better ergonomics also during the days when you’re working remotely. Cuckoo’s main prize in October is a Selka height-adjustable desk, which is perfect for the home office as it is handy to move around, a comfortable size and very usable also when you’re not working!

Selka is, according to their own words, a Finnish success story, and here at Cuckoo we always aim to work with and bring forth Finnish companies. When you hear Selka’s story you’ll see why they call it a real success story. 

The Finnish height-adjustable desk came when the world changed

Selka Oy has a factory in Lahti, Finland where they’ve been manufacturing furniture for a long time. In the fall of 2019 Selka Oy changed ownership when Juha Nevalainen, Mika Tolppala and three other Selka co-workers bought the company. With courage and a lot of good luck the business turned over a new leaf, but the real push came from an unexpected turn of events that impacted the whole world.

Before anyone could predict the forthcoming situation, a co-worker at Selka found that he needed a better desk at his home office, preferably one at which he could work standing up. It was not long until Selka had a prototype of a height-adjustable desk. To help with the design the team called in Ari Kanerva who in 2019 was elected furniture designer of the year. When the prototype was finished in March of 2020 the remote work wave had hit Finland.

Suddenly the country was in a new state with recommendation to work remotely, and Selka had the perfect desk for that. From that day onward the Selka factory was rolling at high speed, and now the company has expanded its market to almost twenty countries.

Reducing the time that we are sitting down during the day is reported to be an important factor in minimizing back and spinal pain among other things. The Cuckoo-application motivates its users to change working position during the day – by doing so you collect coconut points! With a height-adjustable desk this of course is even more simple to do. Here are a few tips on how to support your spinal health during your workday:

  • Change positions several times during the day – try work standing up or sitting in different chairs and different positions

  • While working standing up, for example at a Selka-desk, adjust the height so that your elbows are at a 90 degree angle when your hands are on the keyboard of your computer

  • Get your butt off the chair – go to the kitchen to fetch water, empty the dishwasher, change workstations

  • When you sit down, do this two or three times and you get a few quick squats at the same time

  • Keep an eye on your posture

  • Do break exercises! :)

World Spine Day reminds us to take care of our spinal health – Cuckoo and Selka reminds you of this daily

Cuckoo obviously was charmed by Selka’s amazing solution to better ergonomics at the home office, which also went hand in hand with Cuckoo’s own mission of encouraging office workers to take active breaks during their day and thus contribute to better physical and mental wellbeing. That’s why the Selka-table was chosen as the head prize for the Golden Stage raffle in October! The subject of good ergonomics and good spinal health is also important to bring up because of the celebration of World Spine Day on the 16th of October.

According to the World Spine Day -organization about a billion people worldwide suffer from spinal pain, and this is the biggest single cause of disability on the planet. The Finnish Selkäliitto adds that immobility is an important and very common factor that contributes to back pain. In Finland Selkäliitto has made the whole week a so called Selkäviikko – Spine Week or Back Week – in an effort to inspire people to move more through small actions, for example doing work in the garden, taking walks, doing break exercises and stretching, because even a small amount of physical activity reduces the risk of pain and promotes wellbeing and flexibility in the spinal area.

If you’re familiar with Cuckoo, you’ll know that adding small amounts of physical activity to your daily routine is kind of what we do, so of course we wanted to join World Spine Day and celebrate it with you. Every day is Spine Day for us!

Tips on break exercises for good spinal health:

  • Alternate between rounding and arching your back, while arching, pull your shoulder blades together

  • Take a step forward and reach out with the opposite hand in front of you diagonally downwards

  • Do a side stretch reaching your hand high above your head and leaning to the opposite side

  • Do a boxing movement one hand at a time and let your torso swing from side to side with the movement, tightening your core slightly

  • To finish off, shake your body and let it loosen up

Selka’s Mahtuva-desk (worth 590€) is the main prize in the Golden Stage raffle in October. Log in to Cuckoo and take breaks to get to your next Golden Stage! Even if you don’t participate or win, as a Cuckoo-user you get 10% off on your purchase at the Selka-store until the 15th of November. You’ll find the code under “Prizes” when you log in on your browser.

Energizing breaks and kind regards,

Emma & Cuckoo-team

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