Need something to cheer you up? Find a physical activity that you enjoy!

Researchers from Yale and Oxford university did a research using over a million of Americans and found that exercising can make you happier than money.

According to the research, physical activity has more influence on your mental well being then a good financial situation. Subjects who actively exercised had approximately 35 bad days in a year, where as people who didn’t move had 53.

In addition, the research conducted that certain sports have more positive influence than others. Hobbies and sports that involved social aspects, where found to have positive effects than individual sports. Thus, team sports were considered to have the best influence on mental wellbeing.

Those who were actively exercising were found to be as happy as those who weren’t but were earning 25 000 dollars more in a year. Therefore, according to this result people should earn extensive amount of money in order for them to be as happy as someone who earns less but is regularly exercising.

However, these results are not black and white as happiness doesn’t steadily grow alongside with exercising. Results also showed that people who move more than three hours per day are feeling mentally worse than those who do not move at all. Therefore, an ideal amount of exercising is 3-5 times a week and 30-60 minutes at a time.

“Break exercising is the best part of the workday. I am always looking forward to that moment!”

Also, a research done by the Finnish institute of occupational health about Cuckoo Workout users found that the people who used Cuckoo most actively considered the communality at work to be at its best. Among those people happiness and inclusivity were more common and they felt the working environment to be more encouraging and trusting compared to those who did not actively use the break exercise app or were using it alone. Thus, using Cuckoo Workout together with you colleagues can increase your own as well as your community’s happiness!

“Using Cuckoo limbers your body and most of all is fun to do with you colleagues. I don’t have other Cuckoo users close to me, so we gather around my desk three times a day to do the breaks together, and we have so much fun together!”


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