Read what Anni from Cuckoo thought about Puhti’s health check up package

Puhti offers everyone a chance to find out about their health and support their well being by doing so. Puhti offers different kinds of test packages among which you can choose the one you are interested in. I chose to take Puhti’s health check package, which is the most popular one in their selection. The test gives a broad vision of where your health is regarding vitamin, blood etc. levels

I ordered the test from Puhti’s online store. Ordering the test was very easy. I reserved the blood test through the link Puhti sent me. There were times available already for the next day.

Before taking the blood test you should not eat or drink for at least ten hours. That’s why it’s best to take the test in the morning, around 8-10 am. You shouldn’t do heavy exercise or sweat before the blood test and it’s good to sit for 15 minutes before the test. The blood test was taken in SynLab, which collaborates with Puhti. There are SynLabs in 26 cities, so it is easy to book a time for the test. The test itself was easy and it was quickly done. 

The results were up already on the same evening! You check the results from your Own Puhti -page. Before you can see the results you need to fill out some information regarding your sleep, nutrition etc.

The results show a comprehensive analysis of each reference value, and whether it is within a recommended frame or not. In addition, you are able to check specific information regarding each section, in case you don’t understand what something is or what it means. This was important, because most of it was in medical jargon.

The test included 31 different values, that were tested from the blood. For example, cholesterol, iron in your blood, and how are your liver and kidneys working. In addition, you got results on vitamin levels and thyroid values.

I was especially happy and relieved about the fact that my thyroid values were okay, because there has been problems with that in my family. Another positive thing was my great level of vitamin D. Also, my cholesterol levels were okay.

Some of the values were outside the reference values and to be honest that scared me a bit. I wanted to make sure what was wrong about my results so I booked a time to chat with a doctor through Puhti. After reading my results the doctor called me. He explained why for example my ferritin values were low and how I should make sure I get enough iron. Low levels of iron can cause for example tiredness and headaches.

After getting the results of my health check package I am pleased about two reasons: 

  • My results were mainly good and I can with good conscious continue with my current balanced nutrition
  • Now with the result I now where I could improve

 I recommend Puhti, if you are concerned about your health or you are wondering for example, why you are often tired. You can choose the best test for you and your current needs. All in all, this was very easy to do and it gave useful knowledge on your body and health.