Many of us find it difficult to find time to exercise. Therefore, active commuting offers a great way to add movement to your hectic every day life.  Adding active commuting to your routine, you’re doing yourself and the environment a favour.

Now that the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, it is a good time to start and begin a more active lifestyle! 8 out of 10 workplaces allows different kind of active decisions, however, only 1 out of 10 employees actually takes advantage of this. For example, have you checked whether or not your workplace has a shower?

Biking is one of the most common ways to go to work. 59% of Finns live less than 10km away from their work, which makes biking an easy way to activate your day. Even if you life further away, there are alternatives to make your commute more active, just use your imagination. Only by using public transportation you are making your commute more active. According to a research, people who use public transport burns 124 kcal more in a day than people who drive. In other words, when public transportation is used on a daily basis its calorie consumption means 27 burger meals per year.

In May 2019 Cuckoo challenges you to activate your commute!

For example:

  • Biking to work and back twice a week.
  • Taking public transport to work and walking back.
  • Take your bike to the train/subway or walk to the 2nd closest stop instead of the closest one.

Psst! Remember to collect activity points by using Cuckoo activity button!

Jesse Kaarna (ft, LitM),

Key account manager, Cuckoo Workout

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