As the amount of remote work has increased, many are now wondering how to create an ergonomic work station at home, where you usually don’t have office chairs or adjustable tables.

Office furniture usually helps us work in a better posture and are now experiencing the effects of a poor remote work station in their body. That’s why we gathered in this post some useful tips that will help transform your home into an ergonomic remote work station.

Remote work station standing up

You can create an ergonomic standing work station at home if you use some creativity! It pays off to put some effort in building a substitute for a standing desk. Did you know that when you sit down, your body uses as much energy as it would if you were lying down and chewing gum? By simply standing up, you can boost your metabolism a lot! When you work standing up, you naturally introduce more movement to your day by natural changes to your center of gravity.


Place your screen slightly below your line of sight when you work standing up. And place the screen 50-80 centimetres from your face. As you get up to work standing, it’s useful to put on indoor shoes with a soft sole and a little heel.

Tips for creating a remote work station at home

  • Put a chair on top of your table and place your laptop on the chair
  • Use your adjustable ironing board as an adjustable table

  • Empty out one shelf of your closet or bookshelf and place your laptop on the shelf

  • Use books, boxes of even a deep pan or cooking pot to lift your laptop only a little

Ergonomic remote working sitting down

Rule number one for making sitting down more healthy for you is to take breaks from sitting! But it’s not a good idea to stand up all the time either since standing up strains your body too. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you take breaks from standing an sit down:

  • Change your seat regularly: switch between you sofa, dining room chair or a stool without any backrest. Each seat activates your body differently.  And if you happen to have a large fitness ball at home, use that as a seat too!

  • Adjust the height of your seat by e.g. placing a pillow on your chair.

  • Keep your feet steadily on the ground! If your chair is too high for your feet to reach to the floor properly, just put a new thick books on the floor and place your feet on the books.

  • Avoid working with a laptop on your lap. When you are not working at a desk or a table, place a pillow or two on your lap below the laptop.

Good ergonomics when using a phone

Remember good ergonomics also when you are using your smartphone – if using one is necessary at your work. Avoid looking down at your phone since hanging your head down will strain your neck.

Put your arm and shoulder muscles to work and lift your arm every time you need to look at your phone. If always holding your hand up is too strenuous, find something to rest your elbow on. For example a small pile of books!

And if your work includes a lot of phone calls, take full advantage of activating your days with them. Could you take some of your calls standing up and walk around the room as you speak? Or if you need to sit by the computer as you speak, why wouldn’t you quickly stand up and sit down every time your phone rings.

It’s important to remember to take enough breaks at the home office too. Regular active micro breaks will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed. Even a short term physical activity will help keep up good energy and efficiency through out the day!

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