Cuckoo Workout®

Break Exercise App

What is Cuckoo Workout
Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app

Cuckoo Workout®
break exercise app

Cuckoo Workout is an easy-to-use break exercise app that activates employees to get up and move in a fun way. It reminds those who sit at work to take breaks from the screen and get physically active.

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The benefits of the Cuckoo Workout® app for the individual

Active Cuckoo users feel stronger and more energetic at work and also on their free time. 

Improve mobility and decrease sitting. With active Cuckoo users sitting is decreased at work but also on their free time!

Encourage an open working culture and team spirit by bringing individuals together – even around the world – with the aid of a fun, game-themed app.

Employees who do breaks regularly recover better. They also feel a decrease in tiredness, laziness and improvement in their memory.

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The benefits of the Cuckoo Workout® app for the organization

Employees who use Cuckoo actively feel more strong and vigorous, than those who do not use it. In addition, extremely active Cuckoo users productivity can grow approximately 1,50€/h

Prevents musculoskeletal problems and burnout by encouraging regular exercise breaks during the working day. Just 8 minutes a day is enough!

Work places that offer Cuckoo Workout are considered more caring, encouraging and supporting. Using Cuckoo improves communality and shows that the company cares for their employees.

Financial benefit for a company with 100 employees in a year with Cuckoo can be 100 000€. Assuming that out of the 100 ⅓ are active users. The calculations have been made with the average cost of sick day, which is 476€. Calculations only accounted the active users.

“Concentration at works has improved and everyone feels more energetic even after work”

Emmi Ritvanen, Customer service manager, L&T

“This is an amazing product that all companies should put to use.”

Merja Vehmainen HR manager, Aditro

Henkilöstöpäällikkö, Aditro

“Our rate of sick days has decreased and job satisfaction has increased.”

Anna Partala, Business Director, Rantalainen