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Frequently asked questions about the Cuckoo Workout service

Where can I find the Privacy Policy for the application?

Please read the Privacy Policy from here.

How do I take a break?

You can take a break by clicking the “Take a break!” button. Choose the top video if you want to do the recommended workout. You can also choose a video from another category by scrolling down, depending on what you feel like at that moment. After choosing a category, one of the related videos will be randomly selected for you. One break lasts about three minutes and includes three exercises. After completing the break, you will earn 20 coconut points.  In order to move to a new level, you need 60 points. The maximum number of points during 16 hours is 100. You can take as many breaks as you wish even though you’ve filled your maximum amount of points.

What are activities?

Activities are another way to earn coconuts. You can find the “Activities” button  under take a break. If you, for example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, you can register the activity through the service and earn more coconuts! NOTE! This is an additional feature. If you cannot find the “Activities” button on your map page, this feature has not yet been launched within your company.  

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile settings by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the Cuckoo home page and selecting Settings. Here you can edit your name, home town and for example the language you wish to use. You can also make your profile private so that other users won’t be able to see your activities or other information. You can add/change your profile picture by selecting “Change picture”. You can also change your break times here, and select a standard volume for your videos.

How do I move up to the next level?

You earn 20 coconut points for one video break. You can also earn points by doing activities that can be found by clicking the button next to the “Take a break!” and “Favorite break!” buttons.  The number of points you earn for activities may vary. One level is worth 60 coconut points. If you, for example, complete three video breaks during a workday, you will move up to the next level. On your front page above the button “Take a break!” you can see how many points you need to get to the next level.

What is a golden level?

Golden levels are levels marked with a gold dot on the map. Once you reach a golden level, you will receive a golden level ticket through the chat and by replying anything you will take part in a monthly Golden Stage raffle. The main prize in the Golden Stage raffle of the month is presented in the banner above your map on the home page. In addition to the main prize we have dozens of other prizes that we raffle to lucky winners. You can read more about our prizes on the Prizes page in Cuckoo.

What are the stars connected to the levels?

The stars connected to the levels indicate what you have done on that level. You can collect three stars by doing three Cuckoo-breaks. If you have moved up to the next level by doing activities and winning challenges, you won’t collect any stars. The amount of stars on the level diminishes if it’s taken too long for you to get to the next level. To reach three stars you must collect the required amount of points during 36 hours. If it takes more then 84 hours to collect those points you don’t get any stars. Saturday and Sunday don’t add to this time count.

How can I challenge others?

You can challenge other Cuckoo users to an exercise break competition. You can find the challenge button on the front page under activities. Also, you can find other employees of your company by clicking “Company” on the top bar. Click your colleague’s profile and then “Challenge me!” under their picture. After clicking the button, a new window will open and there you can define the duration of the challenge. The sent challenge will show in the top bar clock on the front page of the application. The challenge will not start until the recipient has accepted it (which is also done by clicking the speech bubble). You can also challenge people from other companies. Just look for the company by clicking “Leaderboard” on the top bar. Some users won’t be found if the company has decided to keep users hidden.

How can I follow others?

You automatically follow everyone in your company. If you’re in a large company the system automatically limits the people shown on your map to 100. You can also choose not to follow everyone in your company in your Settings. To follow specific colleagues go to the My company page and click the “Follow” button for the colleagues that you choose from the list on the right side. You can also follow people from other companies by going through the Leaderboard page, choosing the company and finding the users for the company. Some companies have chosen to hide their employees, then you cannot follow them.

How can I set up a team?

You can set up a team under the “Company” section by clicking “Create new team”. After giving a name to your team, you can invite your colleagues without a team to join your team. You can also join other teams by clicking “Join team”. You can see the teams in order of activity on the company’s page. The order is the average activity of the last 7 days. Each member of a team affects the team’s ranking, which is based on the average activity of all the members of the team during the past 7 days. You can only be in one team, but it is also possible to change teams. If you want to remove a member from the team (for example due to a change of jobs) or change the team’s name, please contact us through the chat button in the bottom right corner.

How can I mark a video as a favorite?

You can mark a video as a favorite through the window that pops up after completing the exercise. The video will then be added to your favorites. After marking your first favorite, a new button, “Favorite break”, will appear next to the “Take a break!” button. Use the button to quickly access your favorite videos.

How can I do a workout with a colleague?

Ask a colleague to join you and do the workout as usual. After the video, a window will pop up and at the bottom you can see the “Add participants” button. Click the button and select the right colleague by clicking their name.  Once you have clicked the names of all participants, you can click the “Mark” button and your colleagues will also earn coconut points for the break. Tip for remote work: do a break together by starting a video call where one person shares their screen and plays a Cuckoo-break so that everyone in the call can do the same break. Thereafter add participants as explained above.

How can I take a meeting break?

A meeting break is the same thing as doing a workout with a colleague. In other words, when you are about to take a break, ask other people to join you and take a break together. After the break a window will pop up and there you can add all the participants. The participants will also earn coconuts and the break will show as a meeting break.

How can I use the application on my phone?

There are two options. We recommend the Cuckoo mobile application. You can find it on your phone through the Google Play Store (Android phones) or the App Store (iOS phones). You can find the application by writing Cuckoo Workout in the search field and then you can download the application. You can log into the service with your credentials or register if you do not yet have credentials. If you do not want to download the application on your phone, you can access the service through your phone browser by entering into the address bar.

Why doesn’t the video work?

Sometimes the videos won’t play. Our services work via the internet and a problem with a video may be, for example, caused by a disconnection. Try refreshing the page. If the problems persist, please contact the Cuckoo Workout team through the chat in the bottom right corner.

Some companies’ VPN connection doesn’t support showing videos and the video screen can turn black and not load because of this. In this case try using Cuckoo through the mobile app or through a different connection.

Why did I not earn coconuts?

You can earn a maximum of 100 coconuts within 16 hours. If you’ve reached the limit, you get a notification about this after your break/activity. You can still take breaks after you’ve reached the limit and these will be added to your activity history, but you will receive zero points for them.  The service encourages behavior change and evenly spaced breaks will help you move up to new levels faster. The 100 point rule also makes competitions and challenges more equal for users.

If this is not the problem, there may be, for example, issues with the internet connection. Try refreshing the page and check that your browser is up to date. If the problems persist, please contact the Cuckoo Workout team through the chat in the bottom right corner.

Why is there no alert?

You can set suitable break times by on your front page or in your settings. Click “Save” to save your alert times.

Cuckoo Workout works through a browser so you must have open in a tab, just like you have your email and other similar services. Otherwise there will be no alert. You should also make sure that your computer’s sounds are on. There may be problems with alerts if you use the service through Internet Explorer. You should try using the service through another browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). You may also check your browser’s settings and make sure the Cuckoo site is among the sites that are allowed to send notifications. If these solutions do not solve your problem, please contact us.

Any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Chat with us! Find the chat in the bottom right corner of the page.


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